Welcome to the Reliance Connects Fiberhood! Now offering up to 100Mbps/50Mbps! Not sure if you are in the hood? Call us – Estacada 503-630-4213 Corbett 503-695-2202.

Check out the interactive map below for more information. This map is an approximation of where fiber is located and is subject to estimated availability. Please check with a representative to see if your address is fiber ready.

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In Estacada |

  • Cazadero Heights
  • Regan Hill Heights
  • Cascadia Ridge
  • Foothills Subdivision
  • Hill Way homes only, not apartments
  • Vista Noel
  • Lakeshore Drive area
  • Downtown Broadway area
  • Uptown Broadway & Main
  • S. Pierce & S. Shafford St.
  • Espinosa, Short, Carole, SE Currin (in town), Boulevard Way, Main St.
  • E 1st Ave, SE & NE 2nd Ave, SE & NE 3rd Ave, SE 4th Ave
  • Estacada School Distrcict
  • Wade St near the Library
  • Heiple Rd, including Paradise Park, Twin Islands and Starr Rd.
  • South side of River Mill Rd & the Industrial Park
  • South side of Weitz Lane
  • Jackknife Rd
  • Barton
  • Highway 224 from Barton to Highway 211
  • Bartlemay Rd, Dale Ln, Paul Bunyan Ln
  • West end of Judd Rd & Holst Rd
  • Part of SE Tumala Mtn Rd
  • La Bonne Terre, Log LeBarre Rd

In Corbett |

  • Siedl Rd
  • Lampert Rd
  • Ogden Rd
  • Hurt Rd & Wand Rd
  • Woodard and Northway
  • Christenson Rd and Henkle Rd
  • Lucas and Chamberlain Rd
  • Mershon Rd and Bell Rd
  • Smith, Curtis and Evans Rd
  • Historic Columbia River Highway from Lucas to Salzman Rd.
  • Pounder, 365th, Littlepage, Knieriem Rd & Salzman Rd
  • Hurlburt Rd, Louden Rd
  • Parts of Gordon Creek and Trout Creek