• Private Line Charge — $18.99
  • Subscriber Line Charge — $6.50
  • Measured EAS — $0.05/min
  • Flat Rate EAS — $10.65. (optional add on)
  • RSPF Surcharge— $.07
  • E911 — $0.75

Residential Line

All in $30.00

Ready to start service? Clink on the link In Estacada OR In Corbett to download an application and get started.

*What’s ”All In” pricing? This is an estimate for residential service including most taxes, surcharges and the required basic line charges (dial tone). This is what you can expect an average monthly bill to be. First bills are usually higher because of prorates and one-time fees. A 6 month contract or $125.00 activation fee required. Bundle discounts available for qualifying residential customers only.

Do you need assistance paying your phone bill? You may qualify for residential telephone assistance once your line is active. The Oregon & Federal Lifeline programs provide this assistance. The Oregon telephone assistance program (OTAP) program & the federal government provide assistance if you qualify for federal and state government assistance programs. The federal lifeline discount Click on the link for more information, click here.


Optional Services

Inside Wire Maintenance — $1.35
Call Forwarding — $1.75
Call Waiting — $1.75
Three Way Calling — $1.75
Enhanced Call Waiting — $2.50
Toll Denial — $1.75
900/976 Restriction — FREE
Block International Calls — FREE
Teen Service Distinctive Ring — $3.95
Long distance plans