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5 Benefits of Having a Landline

It’s no secret since the inception of cell phones there has been a sharp decline in the number of households with an active landline. What’s the point? Cell phones are portable telephones with a million and one more functions! It turns out there are some pretty solid benefits to having a land line that a cell phone just can’t compete with. Here is our list of the top five benefits that come with having a land line in your home.

  1. Enhanced Security. In a 911 emergency, your cell phone uses GPS tracking to report your location. Outside of your home that works great, but if you are living in an apartment building and are needing emergency units at your home, your cell phone comes short. It can only offer a general area. Your land line is connected to your address -including your apartment number. With this, the 911 operator can send emergency units to your exact location without them wasting precious minutes trying to figure out what apartment you are in.
  2. More Reliability. As powerful as modern-day cell phones are, they have one major Achilles Heel -the battery. You need to heavily rely on having a charger with you always, that it doesn’t break or get misplaced and that you have a working adapter. Most of all, you need a power source and hope there is no outage. In 2011, millions were without power for up to 10 days in the Northeast after a surprise snowstorm brought down trees and wires. Corded landlines don’t have batteries needing to be recharged and don’t go out when a power outage occurs.
  3. Back-Up Plan for Kids. Are your kids too young to own a cell phone? A telephone in the home can be a great teaching tool and act as a stepping stool to a cell phone of their own. With a landline, there is an opportunity to learn phone etiquette at a young age. It also gives them the ability to dial 911 in an emergency situation without having to hunt down someone else’s cell phone.
  4. Better Sound Quality. Consumer Reports (2016) tested and found landlines to have superior sound quality over many popular cell phones. The improved quality comes especially in handy for anyone hard of hearing or if you spend a large amount of time talking on your phone. With the rising number of people working from home, having a crisp, clear connection is important.
  5. Price. In general, the cost of having a land line is significantly less than the cost of owning a cell phone. Best of all, you’ll find that Reliance Connects offers no contracts for a low monthly rate. If you don’t like the commitment asked of you from most major carriers, a land line might be the way to go!