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Calling Features

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Caller Identification


When you receive a call, the name and number of the person calling you is shown on your Caller ID screen.

Caller ID Number Only


When you receive a call the number of the person calling you is shown on the caller ID screen.

Caller ID Blocking


Even if you don’t have Caller ID your phone number will display each time you call someone who does have caller ID (this includes non-listed and non-published numbers). There may be occasions when you need to call anonymously, therefore, Reliance Connects has equipped our lines with Caller ID Blocking.

Call Trace


Call Trace allows you to automatically request a trace of an obscene, threatening or harassing call. After receiving such a call, you simply dial a special code to have the calling party’s phone number printed at Reliance Connects.

Continuous Redial


You can save time dialing busy numbers over and over. Your phone rings as soon as the line is free, and automatically connects you.

Last Call Return


If you couldn’t get to the phone in time, you can still find out who called. Just return the call by entering a simple code.

Priority Call


When you make a list of special callers, your phone uses a distinctive ring to announce calls from any of those numbers. If you also have call waiting you’ll hear a special call waiting tone.

Selective Call Forwarding


You can program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of numbers to another number – such as wireless phones. When your service is turned ‘on’, calls from numbers in your forward list will be re-routed to your ‘forward-to’ number. All others will ring through as usual.

Selective Call Rejection


You can program your phone to reject calls from any number you place in the rejection list. When your service is turned ‘on’, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you’re not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual.

Call Forwarding


Enables you to forward incoming calls automatically to another phone number of your choice.

Call Forwarding Fixed


Reliance Connects will permanently forward your line to the number you request. This is used for Voice Mail or any other number that wouldn’t change each time you want to forward your calls.

Call Forwarding Don't Answer


Advise Reliance Connects how many times you would like your phone to ring before calls are forwarded. (Choose between 3-6 rings)

Call Forwarding Don't Answer Fixed


Advise Reliance Connects to what number you would like your calls permanently forwarded and how many times the phone should ring before forwarding the calls.

Call Forwarding Busy Line


Forward calls to another number when your line is busy. This may be used along with Call Forwarding Don’t Answer.

Call Waiting


Enables you to answer a second call using your phone. A brief tone will alert you when another call is waiting to be answered. A reminder will sound ten seconds later.

Enhanced Call Waiting


You may cancel the Call-Waiting signal before you place your call and remain undisturbed by this feature for the duration of the call.

Three Way Calling


This feature enables you to add a third person to your conversation. Two of the three parties may be long distance.

Toll Or Area Code Restriction


This feature allows for the blocking of 900 -, 976, – international and or all outgoing long distance calls.