EZVideo Comes with Tons of Features!

EZVideo brings cable television to the 21st century. No more equipment rentals, long installation times or fighting over the family television to watch your favorite shows! EZVideo is exactly how it sounds—EASY! It is the solution to HD content fees, DVR fees and multiple box setup fees. EZVideo comes jam-packed with all the additional features you would normally pay extra for, at no extra charge. Check out what some of the features are below:

EZVideo Anywhere

Have you ever had to fight parents or siblings for the remote or have a hard time agreeing on shows to watch? EZVideo doesn’t tether you to one room, one TV. It can be accessed from almost any smart device at any time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t worry about having to watch your shows at their scheduled time either. EZVideo comes with Restart TV (for certain network transmissions) and a minimum of 25 DVR hours. With the five personal accounts that can be created, each family member can personalize their settings and EZVideo will record shows specific to your interest. If 25 hours doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of upgrade options for the DVR divas— just ask a member of our service team! Don’t want to mess with the DVR? Check out Replay TV- lots of content at your fingertips anytime!

Personalized Viewing Experience Without Paying an Arm and a Leg

You read correctly! There are no additional fees for HD Content or installation. We are so confident in this service we won’t even have you sign a contract. If for some reason you aren’t happy and want to cancel the service, just give our office a call. But really, who can’t get behind pausing and rewinding live TV? With the option to bundle and save even more, this is service is flexible, convenient and easy to use.

Email us at info@rconnects.com or In Estacada call 503.630.4213 In Corbett 503.695.2202 to get setup or learn more about this awesome service!

What devices are compatible with EZVideo?


What devices are compatible with EZVideo?


These are the devices that we’ve tested and recommend for having a superior EZVideo user experience. Give your local Reliance Connects office a call to make sure your Internet speed is optimal for streaming live-shows and movies.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV devices have access to over 15,000 apps, games and Alexa Skills including access to over 300,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO NOW, Hulu* and more. It delivers the best picture quality with support for video up to 4K Ultra HD. The voice remote lets you quickly and easily search across all apps and services.

Apple TV

Apps like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, Watch ESPN, and iTunes* give you access to Movies, TV shows, and live sports. Apples touch-like interface makes browsing through apps as well as the guide a breeze. With built-in Siri support, you can use voice commands to search and play media across all the apps and services. Just go into the app store and search for EZVideo for instant download. (subscriptions required to access content.)

Mi Box

The Mi Box is an Android-based device and is compatible with thousands of Android TV apps including all the popular entertainment services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video*, and many more on demand content apps associated with watch TV everywhere.

Supported Devices and Platforms (Effective December 2019)

This is a full list of all devices that EZVideo is currently supported on.

Amazon – Fire TV (Gen 2 Stick: OS 5.2 and newer / Gen 3 Stick, Cube and 4K: OS 6.2 and newer)

Apple – tvOS 4th Generation (Version 11.0 and newer)

Android* – Android Mobile / TV (version 5.1 and newer)

Tablet, Smartphone

Apple: iOS 11 and newer

Android: Mobile 5.1 and newer

Browser and Computer Operating System

Microsoft IE 11 and newer (OS Windows 8.1 and newer)

Google Chrome Version 49 and newer (OSX Version 55 and newer)

Firefox Version 47 and newer

Safari Version 8 and newer (OSX 10.11 and newer)

Smart TV

Amazon Fire TV (Element and Westinghouse: OS 5.2 and newer)

Amazon Fire TV (Toshiba and Insignia: OS 6.2 and newer)

Android Smart TV (Philips, Sony and Sharp: Android TV 5.1 and newer)

-For Android set top boxes with remote controls (version 5.1 and newer), please contact technical support for assistance prior to purchasing, as they may not be compatible


*Accessing other apps may require additional paid subscriptions.