Basic Bundle

Phone, 12Mbps Internet and EZVideo Service.

Up to 12Mbps/1Mbps upload. All In!


Extra Bundle- Fiber Customers Only

Phone, 25Mbps Internet and EZVideo Service.

Up to 25Mbps/10Mbps upload. All In!


Ready to start service? In Estacada or In Corbett to download an application and get started. For Business– click here for Estacada or Corbett

  • -Click here for EZVideo install instructions.

  • -EZVideo® get s you LIVE, local channels plus hundreds of video, music and gaming options over your Reliance Connects high-speed Internet connection.
  • -Already have a ROKU® streaming device? Add the EZVideo service a la carte for $18.05
  • -Existing Triple Play customer? Add EZVideo for $14.05

A ROKU® device must be purchased separately, other charges, fees and taxes apply. An HDMI capable TV is required and in Reliance Connects Internet. For complete details please contact your local office. New customers require a 6 month contract. OPB Plus programming is only provided in standard definition. Roku service activation requires a Roku user account which requires a valid credit/debit card or PayPal account. A wide variety of Roku channels are available; some are free, while premium services are fee-based. Any additional charges will be billed to your Roku account.

*What’s ”All In” pricing? This is an estimate for residential service including most taxes, surcharges and the required basic line charges (dial tone). This is what you can expect an average monthly bill to be. First bills are usually higher because of prorates and one-time fees. A 6 month contract or $125.00 activation fee required. Bundle discounts available for qualifying residential customers only. Additional TV’s $2.00 per month (not including cost of Roku device, limit 3 TV’s per household)