Fiber 50 Home+Voice

Entry Level
Good for 1-3 users.

Includes managed router

Up to 50Mbps/50Mbps


Fiber 100 Home+Voice

Enjoy Surfing & Streaming
Good for 3 or more users.

Includes managed router.

Up to 100Mbps/100Mbps


Fiber 250 Home+Voice

Want a little more?
Good for 4 or more users.

Includes managed router.

Up to 250Mbps/250Mbps


Fiber Gig Home+Voice

Gotta have it all?
Good for large families, gamers & streaming.

Includes managed router.

Up to 1000Mbps/1000Mbps*


+ Voice add around $20.

Installation Fees

New Install Fee Residential

  • Nevada – $26.00
  • Arizona – $26.00
  • Location Change Fee – $25.00

For business pricing, click here.



Not all areas are eligible for all packages. Some areas may only qualify for12mbps/1Mbps for $49.99. Prices for Internet Only can be found here.  Actual speed over Broadband Internet will vary depending on several factors including location of your home or business, computer performance, configuration, network, internet congestion and web sites accessed. All speeds advertised are “best effort”. Speed of service, uninterrupted service and error-free service is not guaranteed. Customers that can’t establish credit are subject to a prepayment and deposits. Some restrictions apply. Contact a customer service representative for complete details and to sign up.*Visit our learning center to learn more about GIG service and to see if your device is GIG ready. Last updated March 2020