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Now offering 100Mbps Internet and Just Broadband, no phone line needed. Check out the interactive map below for more information. This map is an approximation of where fiber is located and is subject to estimated availability. Please check with a representative to see if your address is fiber ready.

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In Estacada |

  • Campanella Estates (Palisch Homes)
  • Cazadero Heights
  • Regan Hill Heights
  • Cascadia Ridge
  • Foothills Subdivision
  • Hill Way homes only, not apartments
  • Coupland Rd from 6th to Currin Rd
  • Lawrence Rd & Woodland Way
  • Vista Noel
  • Lakeshore Drive area
  • Downtown Broadway area
  • Uptown Broadway & Main
  • S. Pierce & S. Shafford St.
  • Espinosa, Short, Carole, SE Currin (in town), Boulevard Way, Main St.
  • E 1st Ave, SE & NE 2nd Ave, SE & NE 3rd Ave, SE 4th Ave
  • Estacada School District
  • Wade St near the Library
  • 10th St near the Library west to Rivermill Rd.
  • Heiple Rd, including Paradise Park, Twin Islands and Starr Rd.
  • South side of River Mill Rd & the Industrial Park
  • South side of Weitz Lane
  • Dowty Rd/Folsom Rd
  • Jackknife Rd
  • Barton
  • Highway 224 from Barton to Highway 211
  • Bartlemay Rd, Dale Ln, Paul Bunyan Ln
  • West end of Judd Rd & Holst Rd
  • Parts of SE Tumala Mtn Rd
  • La Bonne Terre, Log LeBarre Rd

In Corbett |

  • Reed Rd & Corbett Hill Rd
  • Clara Smith Rd & Rickert Rd
  • Trout Creek Rd
  • Siedl Rd & Lampert Rd
  • Ogden Rd & Hurlburt Rd
  • Louden Rd from Littlepage intersection to Mannthey Rd
  • Hurt Rd & Wand Rd
  • Woodard Rd & Northway Rd
  • Christenson Rd
  • Henkle Rd
  • Lucas Rd
  • Chamberlain Rd
  • Mershon Rd
  • Bell Rd & Smith Rd
  • Curtis Rd & Evans Rd
  • Pounder Rd
  • 365th Rd
  • Littlepage Rd
  • Knieriem Rd
  • Salzman Rd
  • Historic Columbia River Highway from Lucas to Salzman Rd.
  • Parts of Gordon Creek Rd from Trout Creek to the our Aims office