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June 11, 2021 0 Categories Corbett, Elkton, Estacada, Fiber, Internet, Mesquite

How your Reliance Connects Fiber Connection Benefits You

As the pandemic has forced more and more pieces of our lives into the online world, a faster internet speed has become a necessity.

The average U.S. household has 13 connected devices on their network. Unless your internet speed is fast enough, you can run into network clogs.

Think of bandwidth (or internet speed) like lanes on a Highway, if there are too many cars on the road at one time, the traffic flow slows down and becomes clogged. The same thing can happen with your network speed.

Here are the benefits of your fiber network which can deliver speeds up to 1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps).

  • Faster speed means all your devices working online at one time.
  • Allows you to scale your subscription speed according to your home network needs.
  • Reduced network clogs that can freeze video chats.
  • Reduced lag time when gaming.
  • Increased speed for downloading larger files.
  • Freedom to enjoy all your devices working at once.

Here is an example: This is a family with 9 connected devices all active at once on a subscription to a 50 Mbps Internet speed. Let us look at their network’s performance:

Streaming 4k YouTube videos (2 devices)50 Mbps
Playing NBA 2K21 online (1 device)5 Mbps
Streaming music on Spotify (1 device)0.5 Mbps
Telehealth doctor appointment via video call (1 device)1.5 Mbps
Distance learning through Zoom (2 devices)3 Mbps
Work video conference call through Microsoft Teams (1 device)1.5 Mbps
Check package delivery through Ring Doorbell (1 camera)2 Mbps
Total 63.5 Mbps

The total bandwidth used by this family is 63.5 Mbps, but their Internet speed subscription is only 50 Mbps. You can see how their network could clog up quickly with this activity. With all these devices fighting for their share of the speed, this family is likely experiencing a clogged connection with lag, video freezes and poor performance when trying to engage in online activities.

Fiber connection from Reliance Connects supports speeds up to 1 Gigabit, which is 20 times faster than this family’s internet needs. There are plenty of speed options available to accommodate the whole family’s work, play, and online learning on all their devices.

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