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High-Speed Internet Packages



Up to 25Mbps download
10 Mbps upload*

This package is designed for single-user homes and those with only a few devices connected to their home network at once. 25Mbps of download speed is good for streaming HD video on 2-3 devices, browsing email, and surfing the web. 10 Mbps of upload speed will support video calls on1-2 devices or video uploads from 1-2 home security cameras.



Up to 50Mbps download
25 Mbps upload*

This tier is the next step up and is able to accommodate even more devices and activity on your home network. 50Mbps of Download speeds gives 3-4 users the ability to comfortably stream their favorite shows and movies, while 25Mbps of upload speed supports multiple video calling streams and online multiplayer games.



Up to 100Mbps download
50 Mbps upload*

This is for families that need to have it all. 100Mbps of download speed covers you for 6-7 users to stream HD video while browsing social media or working from home. 50Mbps of upload speeds is plenty of bandwidth for multiple high-quality video calls with kids learning from home while monitoring your front door through a Ring doorbell camera, and uploading large files to an online platform.

Additional Speeds Available

If higher Internet speeds are restricted due to location or other factors, lower Internet speeds may be available. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

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*Not all areas are eligible for fiber packages. Actual speed over Broadband Internet will vary depending on several factors including location of your home , computer performance and configuration, network, Internet congestion and web sites accessed. The speeds are “best effort”. Speed of service, uninterrupted service and error-free service is not guaranteed. Customers that can’t establish credit are subject to a prepayment and deposits. Some restrictions apply. Contact a customer service representative for complete details and to sign up.