Biz Broadband 6

Slowest speed. Just the basics.

Up to 6Mbps download/ 1 Mbps upload


Biz Broadband 12

A great place to start for a small business.

Up to 12Mbps download/ 1 Mbps upload


Biz Broadband 25

Better for the growing business.

Up to 25Mbps download/ 10 Mbps upload


Biz Broadband 50

Stay ahead of the competition.

Up to 50Mbps download/ 25 Mbps upload


Biz Broadband 100

Manage your business and get more done.

Up to 100 Mbps download/ 50 Mbps upload


Ready to start service? Clink on the link In Estacada or In Corbett to download a business application and get started.

A 6 month contract or $125.00 activation fee required. Routers/Modems- $80.00 ($12.00/mo.) Waived with 6 month agreement. Need wireless? $35.00 (one time programming fee.)

Not all areas are eligible for fiber packages. Actual speed over Broadband Internet will vary depending on several factors including location of your business , computer performance and configuration, network, Internet congestion and web sites accessed. The speeds are “best effort”. Speed of service, uninterrupted service and error-free service is not guaranteed. Customers that can’t establish credit are subject to a prepayment and deposits. Some restrictions apply. Contact a customer service representative for complete details and to sign up. Last updated May 2018.