SmartHub Wi-Fi App

Note: You must already be a registered SmartHub user to access the Managed Wi-Fi App. To register, visit

1. Download the SmartHub Wi-Fi app from the App Store or Google Play. 

2. Next, open the app and type in “Reliance Connects" in the service provider box and follow the prompts to login. 

Home Page

The Home Page shows your Internet connection, number of devices connected and options to personalize your network.


The Devices tab brings up a list of all your connected devices. By selecting a specific device, you can edit the device's name, pause the device, or add parental controls.

Parental Control

The Parental Control Timer is for “bedtime” use. During bedtime hours, the device will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Need to limit access during the day? The Pause button feature will keep that device from connecting until you Unpause.

Wi-Fi Settings

The Wi-Fi Settings tab shows you the SSID (network name) and passphrase (Wi-Fi password). You can adjust either here as well as turn on/off the guest network and adjust that name and passphrase.

Speed Test

Run a speed test on your home and your device. Note: Your device speed test only works when you are at home and connected to your network.