Is your WiFi signal weak in parts of the house?

Do multiplayer games or streaming video lag at inconvenient times? It might be time to consider Managed WiFi from Reliance Connects. We’ll take care of the WiFi so you don’t have to! Our technicians evaluate your home and find the best setup options for our professional-grade WiFi equipment that is designed to provide a strong, reliable signal to even the toughest parts of the house. We even keep the equipment’s software updated so you don’t have to worry about it! Give our Customer Service Team a call today to get started.

Managed Wi-Fi
Included with your Router / Modem rental

One app for TOTAL peace of mind!


It’s your home network. SmartHub helps you actually make it yours.


  • See what devices are connected.
  • Name your devices (i.e. “Mom’s phone”, “Dad’s Laptop”, “Ben’s XBox”).
  • See and change your wireless password.
  • Parental Controls – turn Wi-Fi on/off, set schedules & more.
  • Fully covered. We’ll replace or upgrade router as needed at no cost to you. Total peace of mind!
For the best wireless, all you need is our powerful Dual-Band AC Router and you are ready to go.

For the low convenient price of $8.00 / month! Need to cover more area? We offer additional extenders for only $6.00 / month more (add up to 5).