Modem Connection

Installing Phone Filters

Phone Filters filter out the Internet signal so you cannot hear it. These filters should be installed on all phones, fax machines, satellite receivers, alarm systems and gate intercoms, etc. Anything that plugs into or uses a phone line for communication must have a filter installed. Please note DO NOT put a filter on the phone cord that goes from the wall jack or splitter to your modem/router from Reliance Connects.

Note: If only connecting wirelessly using Reliance Connects wireless, you will only need 2 cords plugged in: Power and Telephone (DSL/WAN)

System Information

This information is for customers with existing email addresses with Reliance Connects.

Your User Name (used to log in):
This is your PPP Account, such as jdoe

Your Email address:

Your E-Mail Name (IMAP Account):
This is the first part of your e-mail address, such as jdoe in

This is the password you received from us and it is the same for your user name and e-mail name.

Incoming Mail(IMAP) Host:

Outgoing (SMTP) Host:

Mail Server Ports:
993 imap – incoming – Dedicated SSL port
587 smtp – outgoing – Dedicated STARTTLS

Outgoing username and password is required. For example, you will need to provide your full email address as the username and then enter your password.

Support E-mail Address:

World Wide Web Server

Oregon Primary DNS:
Oregon Secondary DNS:
Mesquite and Arizona Primary DNS:
Mesquite and Arizona Secondary DNS: