For over 100 years friends and family have trusted the Reliance family to bring them closer. No matter where or when you call, Reliance is there to connect you clearly with the quality and experience only a local provider can give. Our home phone service is the most reliable choice. Keep your family safe and connected with Reliance Connects Landline Phone Service. Please contact our local office if you are interested in receiving telephone service.

Benefits of Landline Telephone Service through Reliance Connects

  • RELIABLE – Dial tone service is rarely lost even when the power goes out. This is not true of cellular service that relies solely on electrical power to keep cell phones charged.
  • EMERGENCIES – In the event that you or your child needs to call 911, Reliance Connects provides enhanced 911 services. This service can save lives. Our system can tell what address the caller is calling from to verify that exact location. Non telephone based voice services (such as VoIP, or digital voice services) may be unavailable in the event of a power failure.
  • DISASTERS – When the 9/11 disaster struck New York City, cellular service was jammed. In the event of any disaster, the likelihood of landline customers losing their service is greatly reduced. This is an invaluable asset.
  • INTERNET – Stay connected to the world! Dial tone provides access to the internet and high speed DSL. This is the fastest link to all your informational needs, such as news, weather, personal banking and investment monitoring, education and entertainment, not to mention the endless opportunities for the business entrepreneur.
  • FAMILY SAFETY & SECURITY – A landline enables you to stay in touch with your family or loved ones. Cellular coverage is not available in all areas or the service may be unreliable.
  • COMMUNITY – A listing in the phone book keeps you accessible and connected to your community.

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