[b]Managed Wi-Fi[-b][/][d]Included with your Router / Modem rental[-d]


One app for TOTAL peace of mind!

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It’s your home network. SmartHub helps you actually make it yours.


  • See what devices are connected.
  • Name your devices (i.e. “Mom’s phone", “Dad’s Laptop", “Ben’s XBox").
  • See and change your wireless password.
  • Parental Controls – turn Wi-Fi on/off, set schedules & more.
  • Fully covered. We’ll replace or upgrade router as needed at no cost to you. Total peace of mind!
For the best wireless, all you need is our powerful Dual-Band AC Router and you are ready to go.

For the low convenient price of $8.00 / month! Need to cover more area? We offer additional extenders for only $6.00 / month more (add up to 5).