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Renting vs Buying a Router

Bringing wireless Internet access to your home means needing a router and a modem (though there are many 2-in-1 options now days so when we say router, we are really talking about a router/modem combo). The reason both are needed is one connects your home network to the internet (the modem) and the other allows for several devices to connect wirelessly (the router).

To get the equipment, you generally have two options -renting or buying your router. There are pros and cons to both that we will address. The most obvious difference between the two is a lower monthly charge vs a higher one-time charge. Other things to consider include amount of tech support desired, compatibility and installation.

Pros and Cons of buying a router …

If you are planning on being in the same coverage area for years to come, you will likely save money in the long run. Reliance Connects rents their premium dual-band router (capable of high-speeds) for $8/mo or $96/yr. Buying an $80 router yourself will bring you $16 savings your first year. Keep in mind, however, that renting a router from Reliance Connects also comes with a tech coming out to install and configure it for you and an IT Help Desk available for tech support seven days a week. Buying your own router will mean you are installing it yourself and will have to rely on any tech support provided by the router manufacturer. This isn’t because the Reliance Connects IT Help Desk doesn’t want to help. Every model, every firmware is different. By using the Reliance Connects provided routers you provide the help desk a window they can look through that helps them determine where an issue might lie. So ask yourself, how comfortable am I in diagnosing and fixing problems with my personal router?

One-Time ChargeUpfront cost of $80-$150+
Freedom to Choose DeviceMinimal/No Tech Support
Long-Term SavingsInstallation Can Be Tricky
More Network OptionsMay Not Be Compatible with ISP
No Contracts

Pros and Cons of renting a router from Relaince Connects …

One of the best things about renting a router is how worry-free it is. You don’t have to worry about installing it in the proper location in your home or configuring it correcting so your wireless devices can connect. You don’t have to worry about compatibility because Reliance Connects will not rent you a router that doesn’t work. Best of all, if problems arise, tech support is readily available to troubleshoot and repair. As technology and services improve, new equipment will be made available over time that can switch out the older model in your home. This guarantees improved Wi-Fi speeds and connections and not having to be stuck with old technology.

Guaranteed Upgrades$8/mo cost
Unbeatable Tech SupportRental Prices Subject to Change
Don’t Need to be Tech Savvy
Guaranteed Compatability

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to call. Anyone having problems with their Reliance Connects provided router will be happy to know we can troubleshoot the issue with you. If you are using our latest router, we have insights into your service that will help us correct issues. When contacted, we will start a ticket and get someone out to your location if that is what is needed to correct the problem. Fiber is a stable connection and customers should expect to get up to the speed they are subscribed to. The Reliance Connects Help Desk is available Monday-Friday from 7am-9pm and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-5pm.

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