Basic Service

You must subscribe to Basic Service to receive any other packages.

20+ Channels


Expanded Basic

The top local and national channels for one low price.

50+ Channels


Digital Tier

30 channels plus 50 “Music Choice” Channels. Add top rate channels for the whole family. Includes additional channels like NICK Toons, The Hub, Science, BBC America, OWN, and Fox Business Network. Plus many more! Requires rental of a digital Set Top. You must subscribe to Basic & Expanded service to receive any other packages or multi-plex premium channels.

Cable box is required.30+ Channels


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STARZ & ENCORE Digital Premium 14 Channels $16.00

HBO Digital Premium 8 Channels $19.00

Cinemax Digital Premium 4 Channels $16.00

Showtime Digital Premium 10 Channels $16.00

HDTV Option $5.00
Access top networks with High Def picture and sound. Also includes additional HD channels not available anywhere else. Subscription to Digital Tier required

Digital Set Top Rental (monthly) $5.25
Includes a detailed interactive onscreen program guide.

Digital Set Top with DVR Rental (monthly) $11.25
Change the way you watch TV. Pause or rewind live TV. Record your favorite shows for later viewing. Includes a detailed program guide.

*Deposits may be required for the rental of cable equipment.


Cable install fee $30.00