FOR OREGON CUSTOMERS ONLY To register for watchTVeverywhere, click here.

Step 1:

Select Reliance Connects from the drop down menu.


Step 2:

Complete the registration form using your account number and your last name or business name as it appears on your Reliance Connects billing statement. Need help with this? Email us at


Step 3:

Create your account using a valid email you have access to now.


Step 4:

check_your_emailCheck your email for a new email message from watchTVeverywhere. Open the email and follow the instruction to activate your account.

Step 5:

Now your account should be activated.


Step 6:

That’s it! Now you can enjoy watchTVeverywhere. Remember only channels that you subscribe to will show up for you to view. Click on any icon to start watching TV everywhere. Note: most channels require you to install their channel app on your device.