Laptop Streaming watchTVeverywhere Get FREE, instant access to new and existing content from a wide array of TV channels with an Internet connection.*

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watchTVeverywhere is included FREE with TV service. It provides instant, full access to streaming video shows, series and movies available through an Internet-connected PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android and other wifi devices.


Content can be accessed through laptop or desktop computers, Macintosh platforms, iPad, iPod and other Apple iOS devices (including iPhone!) as well as Android tablets and devices.


Before gaining full access, EZVideo members must register and create a user account. You will need your Reliance Connects account number which can be found on your bill statement. Click here to register.  Select EZVideo as your provider and follow set up instructions. Need help? Contact Click here to find your provider.


Each member may register up to 4 additional users after the main account is created and verified. There is no limit to the number of devices used to access each account.

Available Content

Note: HBO Max is currently not supported on Amazon Fire TV or Roku devices.

Additional channels will be added as they become available! We are actively working with other providers to secure additional channels to provide you with more entertainment options.

Each station determines what content they release. TV Episodes are often available just days after they originally air, and there is no extra fee for viewing like Hulu Plus or Netflix!

*You must subscribe to the corresponding channel package in order to access content from each network.​