What is "Gig"?

Reliance Connects is now offering higher speed packages including up to Gigabit* speeds in select areas.

Whether you are streaming videos in 4K or playing online games “Gig” service with Reliance Connects will be able to do it all. Providing lightning fast internet speeds to your home.

A Gigabit is 1000 Megabits. Internet speeds are typically measured in Mbps (Megabits Per Second). Our “Gig” service brings those Gigabit* speeds directly to your home.

Who needs “Gig” service?

  • Anyone who wants to get the most out of their internet.
  • Anyone that enjoys blazing speeds when browsing, streaming or gaming.
  • Anyone who just wants to have the fastest possible connection to the global online community.

So, sign up today for the fastest internet speeds available!

* Due to ethernet overhead, actual download speeds are limited to around 900 Mbps over a hardwired connection. “Gig” speed is what is being provided to your home and each device on your network may get different speeds depending on various factors including but not limited to: connection type (wired or wireless), the wireless chip in the device, distance from router, number of solid objects between router and the device, the material that those objects are made of, and the device itself.