Managed Wi-Fi Service FAQs

Q: What is Reliance Connects Managed Wi-Fi Service?

A: Manged Wi-Fi Networking Service is a new service that provides complete network support to the home or business.

Q: Can anyone Use it?

A: No. Currently, only SmartHub registered customers have the Managed Wi-Fi app available to them. To register your account on SmartHub, please visit

Q: Can you setup Parental Control on specific devices?

A: Yes. In the device page you will find a list of all connected devices. Here you can select devices individually to edit and turn on Parental Control.

Q: How do you setup Parental Control?

A: From the home screen click on “Devices". In the Devices page you will find a list of all connected devices. Click on the individual device you want Parental Control placed. This opens up the Device Settings page. Click on Parental Control then click on the pencil in the upper right-hand corner to edit. Set your start and stop time. Click on the check mark to save.

Q: Can you name connected devices?

A: Yes. From the home page click on “Devices". Here you will find a list of all connected devices. Locate the device you want to rename and click on it. The device settings page will open up. From here you can edit the name.

Q: Is there equipment rental and installation?

A: No. All features can be accessed and managed through the app. All that’s needed is a registered SmartHub account and a smart device.

Q: How many networks can I setup?

A: Two networks can be established. One home network and one guest network – each with its own passphrase.

Mobile App Tutorial
For an overview on setting up and using the SmartHub Managed Wi-Fi mobile app.
Web App
For a tutorial on using the SmartHub Wifi web-based application